Mental Health Awareness


Dr. Satabdi Sen
Former lecturer of physiology in Gazi Medical College,khulna.
Graduated from Community Based Medical College,Bangladesh. 
Completed CCD course of BSMMU in 24th batch


The mind is a small word, but its importance is immense. Mental illness refers to the illness of the body, although people are not so aware of this. Most people simply consider mental illness as usual, even though the effect of it can be significant. Therefore, it is not wise to underestimate it. We all need to pay special attention to keep a sound mind at all times. In the course of daily busy life, the normal motion of mind is being hindered by various activities. Recently, it is seen more widely in the ongoing Covid-19 situation. At present, people are surrounded by frustration, depression, insomnia, and many are losing the meaning of life. To get rid of mental stress, many people choose antidepressant, although it is not the only and perfect solution.



Taking an antidepressant is not as same as taking a pain reliever for headache. You just swallow a pill and experience quick relief, that’s not the case. Later on, there are many possible challenges and risks of antidepressants that are very harmful to our body. Moreover, in some cases, drug shots may be ineffective.

Frequent taking of antidepressant can have many side effects. Although antidepressant medications may seem to be effective temporarily, later on, they can cause symptoms such as depression, diarrhoea, insomnia, dizziness and flu. Some drugs of SSRI and SNRI can cause nausea, sexual dysfunction, weight gain and sleeping problem. In addition, Bupropion drugs increase the symptoms of anxiety and panic in some people. Also taking this drug during pregnancy can cause miscarriages, congenital anomaly and many other problems. When you start an antidepressant, you may feel worse instead of feeling better. It is most likely due to the side effects of the drugs. In many cases, the suicidal tendency is also seen. 

If you are truly depressed and feel extremely sad and anxious, talk to your doctor. Antidepressants can be a means of treating the mind but should never be taken at an early stage. Improved diet, usual life practice, and to talk openly can be the way to have a sound mind.

The first treatment for depression is talking with others. If you feel too much frustration, try to talk to your friends, relatives and loved ones who will listen to you and share in your troubles. Or you can turn to a doctor who will listen to your mind and give you mental support. Medicine can never bring peace in your mind.

So don’t be alone. Interact with others and talk.

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