Lumps or pimples in the vagina and what to do?

Usually, a small ball in the vagina arises as a result of inflammation of the glands that help lubricate the vaginal canal, known as Bartolin's and Skene's glands. This inflammation is usually not a serious problem because it heals on its own.

However, if this ball causes other symptoms such as itching, burning or pain, it may indicate other problems that require medical treatment such as varicose veins, herpes or even cancer.

In this way, whenever an alteration arises in the vaginal region, which takes more than 1 week to heal or causes a lot of discomfort, the gynecologist should be consulted to identify the cause and initiate the appropriate treatment.

 Ingrown hairs or folliculitis

Women who perform intimate hair removal with wax, tweezers or razors are at high risk of buried hair emerging in the region, causing a small pimple or a painful reddish ball. Normally, this small ball has a whitish central region, due to the accumulation of pus under the skin. Learn some tips on how to wax the intimate area.

What to do: you must wait for the pus to be reabsorbed by the body and you should never squeeze the pimple, as it increases the risk of infection. To alleviate the symptoms, you can apply a warm compress to the region and avoid wearing tight underwear. If the pain worsens or the region becomes hot or swollen, you should go to the gynecologist so that once evaluated, they can indicate the most appropriate treatment, which may include the use of an antibiotic ointment.

 Pimples in the vagina

Although it is not very common, small pimples with pus can appear in the region of the vulva, groin, at the entrance of the vagina or on the labia majora or minora, causing discomfort.

What to do: You should not squeeze the pimples or use drugs or cosmetic products without guidance from your doctor. You should go to the gynecologist to make an evaluation and indicate the most appropriate treatment, which in some cases, may be done with the use of a corticosteroid ointment or an antibiotic ointment.


The boil is a localized inflammation that forms a reddish bump on the skin, causing symptoms such as pain and discomfort. They can arise in the groin, on the labia majora or at the entrance to the vagina and, generally, it occurs due to the infection of a hair follicle that allowed the entry and proliferation of bacteria.
What to do: The treatment is done with hot compresses and the use of antibiotic ointments to prevent the boil from getting worse by forming an abscess, which is the accumulation of pus in a cavity causing much more pain and, in these cases, the doctor may indicate the taking antibiotics in the form of tablets or making a small cut on the abscess to drain all its contents. See more about how it should be treated. 

 Inflammation of the glands of the vulva

In the vulva there are several types of glands that help keep the region lubricated and with less bacteria, known as the bartolino glands and the skene glands.

When these glands become inflamed due to the presence of bacteria or poor personal hygiene, a small ball may appear in the external region of the vagina that, although not causing pain, can be felt by the woman while bathing or during intimate contact .

What to do: in most cases, the inflammation of these glands disappears after a few days, maintaining good personal hygiene. However, if the swelling increases, if pain arises or there is the presence of pus, the ideal is to go to the gynecologist, since it may be necessary to start the use of anti-inflammatories, antibiotics or analgesics. See more about treating Bartholin's gland inflammation.


 Vaginal cyst

Vaginal cysts are small pockets of air or fluid that can develop on the walls of the vaginal canal and are generally caused by injuries during intimate contact or by the accumulation of fluid in the glands. However, they do not usually cause symptoms but can feel like lumps or nodules inside the vagina.

A very common type of vaginal cyst is the Gartner cyst, which arises after pregnancy, due to the accumulation of fluid within a canal that develops during gestation. This canal normally disappears postpartum, but in some women it can remain and become inflamed.

What to do: Vaginal cysts usually don't need specific treatment. It is recommended to go to the gynecologist to monitor its growth through a series of routine examinations.

    Varicose veins on the vulva

Although rarer, varicose veins can also develop in the genital region, especially after childbirth or due to natural aging. In these cases, the nodule may be slightly purple in color and, despite not causing pain, it may cause a slight itching, tingling or discomfort sensation.

What to do: In the case of a pregnant woman, treatment is usually not necessary, since varicose veins tend to disappear after delivery. In other cases, in which it is making the woman uncomfortable, the gynecologist may advise a small surgery to close the blood vessel and correct varicose veins.

 Genital herpes

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can be acquired through unprotected intimate oral, genital, or anal contact. Other symptoms are fever, genital pain, and an itchy sensation. These symptoms can disappear and reappear later, especially when the immune system is weakened.

What to do: there is no specific treatment for genital herpes, since the virus must be fought by the immune system itself. However, when the symptoms are very intense, the gynecologist may recommend the use of an antiviral medication such as Acyclovir or Valaciclovir. See what care to take with genital herpes.
What can cause lumps or pimples in the vagina and what to do

 Genital warts

Genital warts arise due to a sexually transmitted disease that can be transmitted through unprotected intimate contact. In these cases, in addition to small balls arising in the vagina, some visible lesions similar to a "cauliflower" may also appear, which can cause itching or burning.

What to do: There is no cure for genital warts, so the doctor can remove warts through some treatments such as cryotherapy, microsurgery, or acid application. Learn more about treating genital warts.

There are other situations that can cause nodules, balls or pimples in the groin or vagina, so it is recommended to go to the gynecologist to assess the type of injury and associated symptoms and indicate the most appropriate treatment. 



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